XLRI Announces XAT 2024 Cutoffs for BM & HRM Programs: Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

Jamshedpur । XLRI—Xavier School of Management, renowned as one of India’s premier B-Schools, is thrilled to unveil the XAT 2024 cutoffs for its distinguished Business Management (BM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) programs. Building on the release of the XAT 2024 scorecards on January 20th, 2024, XLRI takes pride in sharing the admission cutoffs for its PGDBM program, catering to both XLRI Jamshedpur and XLRI Delhi-NCR Campuses, alongside the PGDHRM program, meticulously crafted for XLRI Jamshedpur Campus.
For aspirants eyeing the Business Management Program, the bar has been set at an overall cutoff of 96 percentile for male candidates with an engineering background, while non-engineer males have a slightly adjusted cutoff at 95 percentile. In the realm of the Human Resource Management Program, male engineers are expected to meet a 95 percentile threshold, whereas non-engineer males will be considered at a 93 percentile.
ENGINEER MALE >=96 >=86 >=83 >=85
ENGINEER FEMALE >=91 >=81 >=80 >=80
NON-ENGINEER MALE >=95 >=85 >=83 >=86
NON-ENGINEER FEMALE >=90 >=80 >=80 >=81

ENGINEER MALE >=95 >=80 >=90 >=85
ENGINEER FEMALE >=90 >=73 >=85 >=78
NON-ENGINEER MALE >=93 >=75 >=90 >=85
NON-ENGINEER FEMALE >=88 >=68 >=85 >=78

In a move that underscores XLRI’s commitment to fostering gender diversity and promoting equitable opportunities for women in India’s workforce, the institution has thoughtfully reduced the overall cutoffs for female applicants in both the BM and HRM programs. This strategic initiative aims to enhance the participation of women in managerial roles and cultivate gender-equal, inclusive workspaces.
Professor Rahul Shukla, the convenor of XAT 2024, emphasized, “XLRI believes in the transformative power of diversity and inclusivity. By lowering the cutoffs for female candidates, we seek to create a more balanced and representative learning environment that aligns with our vision of a progressive and inclusive society.”
Furthermore, in adherence to its social responsibility, XLRI has allocated lower cutoffs for candidates from underprivileged communities. This affirmative step reiterates XLRI’s commitment to societal upliftment and its dedication to nurturing responsible and socially conscious leaders.
It is expected that XLRI will interview around 2200-2800 candidates for 2024-2026 admissions for various programs of both the campuses. For the PGDM (GM) program, two rounds of interviews have already taken place, selecting candidates who were shortlisted based on their GMAT scores. The third round of interviews is now in its concluding stage. For programs like Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation (IEV) and Double Master’s Rutger’s Program, the cutoff will be decided later in consultation with the program addressing specific needs of the programs.
XAT cut-off percentiles for XLRI admission are based on several factors. The three main determining factors are the number of candidates appearing for XAT that year, the difficulty level of the XAT question paper, and the number of seats available. XLRI has been conducting XAT on behalf of XAMI to select the most suitable students for management education. Though one of the oldest competitive examinations in the country, XAT has always kept pace with the cutting-edge testing methodology. XAT’s multidimensional testing framework strives to assess the aptitude of candidates for business management education meaningfully. XAT has a multi-pronged examination structure and in-built fairness to evaluate candidates aspiring to be future business leaders.

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