SIGMA-oikos Jamshedpur Wins Prestigious Community Impact Award for Educational Outreach

Jamshedpur: In a significant recognition of its educational outreach efforts, SIGMA-oikos Jamshedpur has been honored with the Community Impact Award by Oikos International. The prestigious award, selected from over 40 project submissions across 20 countries, acknowledges initiatives that substantially impact people’s lives while addressing essential Sustainability goals.
Oikos International, with its widespread presence in major cities such as Nottingham, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, and London, provides its chapters an international perspective and fosters global networks for collaboration. The award highlights SIGMA-oikos Jamshedpur’s commitment to creating lasting positive change in the community.
The Birth and Growth of the Basic Learning Program
The Basic Learning Program (BLP) traces its roots back to 2007, following a rural immersion program by students who identified a significant digital divide. This realization led to the inception of BLP to promote computer literacy among primary and secondary school children from less privileged backgrounds in Jamshedpur.
Since then, the program has expanded to include Basic English and Mathematics. Every Sunday, classes are held on the XLRI campus for children from 14 nearby underprivileged districts, in collaboration with The Robin Hood Academy. XLRI students from HR and BM batches volunteer for these sessions, creating a shared learning experience that benefits both the children and the volunteers. The curriculum covers a range of topics, from basic literacy to sentence construction and spoken English, along with digital literacy to keep pace with the evolving technological landscape.
Impact and Expansion
Currently, the program boasts 30 regular students, with plans to expand further, accommodating more age groups and subjects. One notable success story is that of Rahul, a 9-year-old who, after a year with BLP, received a star performer award in English, transforming his previous weakness into a strength.
Commitment to Quality Education and Community Upliftment
This achievement aligns with XLRI and SIGMA-oikos Jamshedpur’s goal of uplifting the community and sharing resources for a better future. The BLP specifically focuses on SDG-4 of Quality Education for All, striving to bridge the resource gap for young, bright minds. The Community Impact Award serves as tangible proof of these impactful initiatives.
Moreover, events like Daan Utsav and the Social Entrepreneurship Conclave, held throughout the year, further underscore their commitment to societal betterment. Today, the Basic Learning Program is an integral part of XLRI’s Sunday routine, seamlessly aligning with the institute’s policy of “For the Greater Common Good.”

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