Loksabha Election: 2024

High tech propaganda facilities for candidates available-

1. Recorded Voice SMS for 30 Seconds

This facility is one of the best option to reach all voters within 72 hours after booking. Desire Candidate can repeat this facility more than one time. He has to pay each time for availing this facility.

2. Text SMS facilities for 160 characters

Utilising this facility candidate can send his articulated short text message to each and every voters within hours.

3. Documentary film
Minimum seven to maximum ten minutes documentary film will be produced based on the struggle, life, movement of candidate and on ideology of related party. This film will be broadcast through different platform of social media via established youtubers and motivational lnfluencers.

4. Daily News broadcast for five minutes

An YouTube channel will be operated based on daily activity of candidate, party along with special interviews

5. Short videos of thirty seconds to one minute will be viral daily based on voters positive response in favour of candidate as well as party.

Note- An Election War Room will be established separately for all purposes.

Facilities are available from 15th of April to 29th May 2024 for first to seven phases of elections all over India.

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