Closing the Curtain on 24th Ensemble Valhalla: Three Days of High Energy at XLRI

Jamshedpur, November 5, 2023: The 24th edition of XLRI’s prestigious annual cultural, sports, and management festival, Ensemble Valhalla, concluded on a high note with enthusiasm and resounding success on November 5, 2023. Under the resounding theme “Echoes of Eternity,” the festival encapsulated the spirit of honoring heritage while embracing innovation for a brighter future.
The festival was inaugurated by Vineet Nayar, the Former CEO of HCL Technologies. Followed by a myriad of flagship, management, and cultural events on day 1. The first day of the Idea Summit featured influential speakers like Biswapati Sarkar, Soumya Tandon, and Shreya Mehta, who shared their invaluable insights and experiences.
Days 2 and 3, held on November 3rd and 4th, 2023, witnessed spirited participation from college contingents from across the nation. Flagship events like “Societas,” “War of Wits,” “Helios,” “The Next Gen Leader,” and “Genesis” captivated participants, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment. The cultural segment showcased exciting competitions such as “Natyanjali,” “General Quiz,” “Raagalaya,” and “Machayenge.” The management events “Bid it like Beckham” and “Back to the Roots” were executed seamlessly.
The Idea Summit continued with multiple thought-provoking panels. On the second day, The Finance panel featured experts Mohith and Mayuna Jain of Stocklopedia and Harsh and Hetvi Kamdar. Followed by the CHRO panel hosted Vinay Agrawal, HR Head at Mahindra, and Asim Jagdale, CHRO at Arvind Group. The summit reached its zenith on the third day with insights from Subrat Pani, CEO of One Assist, Rakhi Mallik, HR Head at Kearney India, and Chetna Vashist, CEO of ChetChat and Former Head of Marketing at Byju’s, on the business panel.
The sporting extravaganza of Ensemble Valhalla, “Valhalla,” concluded on Day 3 with the Valhalla Felicitation, where victorious teams in sports such as badminton, table tennis, football, futsal, basketball, volleyball, cricket, tennis, chess, pool, and carrom were celebrated, while others left with a renewed determination for next year.
The entertainment offerings as part of the pro shows contributed significantly to the festival’s splendor. On the second day, a rib-tickling comedy night headlined by the immensely talented Nishant Suri provided the audience with an evening of laughter and pure joy, temporarily dispelling the burdens of daily life. The grand finale on the third day featured the musical virtuoso, Amit Trivedi, who captivated the crowd with a mesmerizing performance in the ‘Shaandar Shaam,’ featuring his timeless Bollywood hits and cult favorites. This historic concert in Jamshedpur broke records, attracting locals who left with hearts full of contentment and minds brimming with joy from this unforgettable experience.
With this triumphant conclusion, the 24th edition of Ensemble Valhalla may have ended, but the celebrations for XLRI’s 75th anniversary continue with a sense of grandeur and an enduring legacy.

For more information, please visit the Ensemble Valhalla Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/ensemblevalhallaxlri/.
Contact Details (XLRI’s Ensemble-Valhalla Core Team):
Soha Goyal
Ph: +91 9406864600
Mail: evct@xlri.ac.in
Karishma Menon
Ph: +91 6282718379
Mail: evct@xlri.ac.in

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